About Super 6

Super 6 belongs – just like Game 77 – to the supplementary lottery of the Lotto and Toto Block. This means that you cannot play this game on its own, but only in conjunction with a main lottery, such as the Lotto 6 out of 49.

In the Super 6 game, the aim is to match as many digits as possible of the seven-digit number on the lottery ticket with the number series drawn (final digit lottery). The prize results from the last 6 digits of the ticket number, which is already pre-printed on the lottery ticket. Participants cannot therefore determine for themselves which ticket numbers take part in the Super 6 game.

The predecessor of these additional lotteries was the Olympic lottery. In 1967, it served alongside the GlücksSpirale to finance the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich. From 1974 onwards, instead of the Olympic lottery, Spiel 77 was launched and played for the first time in 1975. Due to the great success of Spiel 77, Super 6 was played for the first time in Saarland in 1992 and then successively taken over by the other state companies. Therefore, the draw still takes place in Saarbrücken, separately from the other lottery draws – this is what the Super 6 rules want.

The draws for Super 6 and Game 77 take place every Wednesday and Saturday and can be seen live on television. It is essential for the drawing of the winning numbers to take place in public and in the presence of a notary.

Super 6 Rules

In the final number lottery Super 6, 6 digits are drawn, as many of which as possible must match the ticket number. Super 6 is linked to participation in a main lottery.

This means that for Super 6 you must first fill out a lottery ticket for the 6 out of 49 Lotto, $ojackpot, Toto 6 out of 45, Toto 13 result bet or GlücksSpirale. In return, however, you can play the game in addition to Spiel 77 as a further supplementary lottery. The additional stake for Super 6 is 1.25 dollars.

At the bottom of the lottery ticket there is a bar and a field where you have to tick “Yes” to participate in the Super 6 game. Participation in one or more draws is also based on participation in the main lotteries.

You cannot decide on the participating ticket number for the Super 6 game, because the number series for the game is already pre-printed in the lower left corner of the ticket. If you play Super 6 online, you can choose all the digits of your ticket number yourself.

The Super 6 draw

Two days a week, every Wednesday and Saturday, the draw for the additional lottery takes place nationwide on television.

In each Super 6 draw, a 6-digit number (from 000000 to 999999) is drawn as the winning number. This winning number must match as many digits as possible from the last 6 digits of the pre-printed ticket number (final digit lottery).

The order is also important. Counting is done from the right to determine the winning class from the number of matching digits.

Winning claims

Since the Super 6 is a supplementary lottery, the same rules apply to winning claims.

You can make a claim within 13 weeks after the last draw of the submitted lottery ticket. After this period, the claim to a prize expires irrevocably. Unclaimed winnings are added to the pot in the course of the year in special draws.

When paying out winnings, a distinction is made between small and large winnings. Small winnings can usually be collected immediately in cash at the ticket office. The amount of the big prize differs from state to state.

According to the Super 6 rules, the Super 6 prize is only paid out in the federal state in which you submitted your lottery ticket. If you win a big prize, you must fill out a prize claim form at the lottery retailer and send it to the lottery company responsible for your state.

Super 6: Advantages and disadvantages

  • The rules of Super 6 are simple and easy to understand.
  • Anyone over the age of 18 can participate.
  • The costs for participation are not high.
  • A small win is possible with a single number.

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